5 Major Signs Your Home Needs Repairing

Home is not only a place that shelters you but also gives you a proud feeling. When you own a home, surely you want to decorate it as per your desire and renovate it to keep it in tiptop condition. Many people spend too much money just to do renovation even when it’s not required. So, when do you know that it’s time for you to do some repairs for your home? Well, we will discuss just that in this article so, stay along.

5 Signs Your Home Needs Repairing

1) Leaking roof

Leaking Roof - Signs Your Home Needs Repairing

Leaking roof is one of the major signs your home needs repairing.Even if you have a concrete ceiling, you may face a situation when drops of water start dripping through your ceilings, it is a sign that your ceiling needs repairing. When you have a tin roof then, after some years, you might see some holes enough to let water drip on the floors. Then it is a sign for you to replace the portion of tin.

There are many reasons why your roof might leak way before it is supposed to. One of the reasons, of course, is the roof installer didn’t provide you the quality service that they promised you or they use low-quality products to save some money, whatever the case, now you have to fix your roof with proper precaution. Another reason is, your roofing system has actually aged and it is deteriorating naturally. In such a case, replacing the whole roofing system or adding a cemented layer is highly recommended.

Roofing is the main part of the house, you don’t want drops of water to continuously leak through your roof, which might embarrass you when you have guests around. Tackling this problem as soon as you face it, will be a wise decision.

2) Plumbing leakage

Plumbing Leakage - Signs your home need repairing

Plumbing leakage is one of the signs your home needs repairing. When your walls are wet and water is leaking continuously through walls you might need a plumbing service ASAP. People give very little to no extra attention during plumbing. Homeowners tend to save some money trying to give less time while plumbing, which can be the worst nightmare for you in near future. When you are installing the pipes, homeowners should make sure the procedure is safe and of quality, plumbing is not the area which owners should less prioritize.

In fact, you should hire the best plumber to install the pipes and drainage system in your home. When the pipes start to leak in just a few years, it is a big problem for you because fixing pipes can be a long and tedious job that requires a bulk of money. If you are looking for a plumber in Kathmandu, then don’t worry we got you covered.

Usually, when done right, you should rarely see some pipe leakage for at least 20 years, but when a less experienced plumber and low-quality product is used during plumbing, then it is just a matter of a few years before you should repair it. It is not something you can avoid for some time. As soon as you see some pipe leakage on the wall, repairing the plumbing should be your first priority. You don’t want to damage your wall coloring, do you? The longer you have the leakage, the more damage it does to your home.

3) Flooring looks old

Flooring Looks Old - Signs your home needs repairing

Old flooring is one of the signs your home needs repairing. When you have the cemented floor, then you might use carpets and the floor might not require repairing any time soon. However, if you have the flooring system made from ceramic tiles, vinyl, or hardwood flooring, then they might require repairing after some time. When they age they might look old and out of fashion, now you know you need repairing soon. You might see some cracking and chipping which also indicates you need floor repairing.

Hardwood flooring is usually long-lasting and very durable but if not installed properly it might chip away quickly. So, choosing quality products and the best professionals should be your main priority.

4) Painting Looks Dingy 

Dingy Painting is one of the signs your home needs repairing. Whether interior or exterior, you want your home to look best and attractive don’t you? So, when you start to notice some dingy looks on your walls, it is time to repair your home by giving the best coloring to your walls. Normally the more expensive painting colors you choose, the more years it lasts, that’s the logic they sell you in the market, but is it always true?

When you choose the best color for your home, you should make sure you have the best painter who can justify the colors. When you have kids in your home, then it is obvious that they will play around and put dirt in the walls. So, you can just add a layer of paint on your walls when you notice it. But if your paintings start to chip off and you see the plasters then you should be more serious.

Many homeowners add a layer of paintings on their walls, especially during the big occasion like ‘Dashain’ but it should not be necessary if you hired a good painter in the first place. The painting will look as new each year for many years. If your home is near a highway or roads, you can expect the dirt and pollution to affect your exterior painting very soon so, all you can do is repaint every few years.

But when you notice the interior and exterior paintings chipping away very quickly, it is time you renovate your home and call the best painters for quality service.

5) Walls Crack

Walls Crack - Signs your home needs repairing

Cracked wall is one of the signs your home needs repairing. After some years, it’s natural to see some cracks on the walls. Most of the time the cracks occur due to blemish or color cracking which could be normal and doesn’t require immediate repairing. However, if you see gaping cracks, separation cracks, and horizontal cracks, it’s time you become more serious and seek professional help. Such cracks mean danger to your family and should be solved immediately. More importantly, you might want to consult the engineer to know the damage of the cracks and take appropriate measures accordingly.

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