Reasons behind leaky toilet tanks

Are you tired of water leakage from your toilet tanks? Unaware of the reasons why? Confused about how to fix it?

Here are some tips that might help you!

1. Water pipes might be rusted

If the pipe that passes water from the main source to the tank is of metals, then it starts rusting out with passing time. Thus, leading to water leakage by creating cracks in the pipe.

The solution to it is replacing the pipe after it starts getting rusty. You might as well clean it with kerosene to prevent rusting.

2. Crack on the tank

It is often a common cause of leakage from tanks. Crack can be developed on the tanks over time thus leaking water from it.

If this happens, you should close the water valve immediately to prevent further leakage. And fix the crack with tape if possible else replace the tank.

3. Connection of tank to bowl might be worn out

Different nuts, bolts and gaskets connect the tank to the bowl. If these parts are loosened or worn out, it often leads to water leakage from the tank.

In such a case, first and foremost you should turn off the water valve and look out for the defective part and fix it.

4. Flush valve might not be adjusted properly

If there is a defect in the flush valve of the tank, it often leads to internal water leakage from the bowl. The water runs constantly inside the toilet bowl making dripping noise. In such a situation, water overflow will be caused in the tank by continuously filling up the tank.

The temporary solution to it is to open water flow only when the empty else close it when not in use.

5. Flappers might be broken

This is another cause leading to interior water leakage from the toilet bowl. Worn out flapper blocks water from entering into the bowl thus causing continuous water leakage from the bowl.

It might get clumsy to fix flappers on your own so you might close the water valve till the plumber arrives.

6. Over tightening of toilet tank bolts

You often tend to over tighten the tank bolts with the thought of preventing it from future leakages. But, little did you know it will cause the tank to crack that will ultimately lead to water leakage.

Therefore, it is suggested to leave these problems handled in the hands of professional plumbers.

7. Spud-washer might be worn-out

The washers in the tank can deteriorate over time. This might happen due to exposure of washers in the hard water as a result water leakage can happen.

To fix this, you should turn off the water supply then empty the tank with a flush. Afterwards, remove bolts, nuts and washers then finally remove spud washer from the bottom.

8. Loosen or worn out ball cock

Ball cock is responsible for filling the toilet tank. It might deteriorate overtime thus causing unnecessary leakage.

This might happen due to loosening of the ball cock to the water supply and could be fixed by yourself with just a wrench. Or it might be broken and possibly fixed only by replacing.

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