CAT 6 Cable Wire

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  • SKU : 8750_J6WYZJ

Rs 13,500 Rs 14,000

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Upgrade your home or office network with high-performance Cat 6 Ethernet cables from a2z Marmat. Our Cat 6 cables support high-speed internet for a wide range of distances. With their superior twisting and shielding, these cables minimize crosstalk and interference for reliable gigabit data transfer rates. Whether for gaming, video streaming, or business applications, Cat 6 ensures optimal network throughput.

Cat 6 Cable Price in Nepal

Our Cat 6 cables start from just Rs. 13,500. No matter your cabling budget, we have high-speed Cat 6 solutions to modernize your network infrastructure affordably.

Features of Our Cat 6 Ethernet Cables

  • Model: DS-1LN6U-W/CCA 305 Meter Box,
  • Thick Copper Clad,
  • Category: U/UTP CAT6-4P-PVC-CM,
  • Test Standard: ISO/IEC11801,
  • TIA-568- C.2,
  • YD/T1019,
  • Ambient Temperature

Maximize your network capabilities with fast, future-proof Cat 6 cables from a2z Marmat today!

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