Hikvision POE Switch

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If you have any device that needs PoE, you can buy the best Hikvision PoE Network Switch from a2z Marmat. This specific model of Hikvision PoE switch has 20 ports and supports a minimum of 100 Mbps data transfer. It allows for a smooth interaction between all your local networks. Furthermore, since this switch is from the globally renowned Hikvision brand, you can rest assured about the quality. This is because every device from Hikvision, including Network PoE switches, meets strict international standards.

Feature of Hikvision PoE Network Switch

  • 100Mbps PoE Switch
  • 20 Ports 
  • Provides power over Ethernet cables to devices like IP cameras, VoIP phones, wireless APs
  • Prioritizes latency-sensitive traffic like voice and video
  • Reduces power consumption during low-traffic periods
  • Fanless designs for noise-free environments

Price of Network Switch (PoE) in Nepal

Besides being a high-quality network switch, the Hikvision network switch is also affordable. You can get this network switch for Npr 36,000. Therefore, regardless of the size and scale of your budget, this network PoE switch from Hikvision is ideal for you. So, what are you waiting for? Get the best Hikvision PoE Network Switch at a2z Marmat now! 


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