Tips to avoid Domestic Electrical Hazards

Every year over 30,000 people becomes victim of domestic electrical accidents mainly because of overloading sockets, faulty wiring and leaving electrical devices unattended.

Here are some tips to avoid these accidents at your home.

 1. Check for naked cords, plugs and wires 

Naked cords and wires can easily pass electricity when touched. So, it is very important to check electrical cords and plugs more often. If the wires are naked or broken, you should immediately wrap it up with plastic or insulating tapes to prevent yourself from injury.

2. Keep electrical equipment away from water sources

Since, water is good conductor of electricity, it leads to high risk of domestic injuries when exposed near electrical sources.

Water bottles shouldn’t be kept open near electrical equipment. You should avoid touching electrical wires and switches with wet hands. Switches and wire should be well wrapped or covered by insulating materials near water sources. And make sure wires and appliances don’t get wet and wipe of any spills.

3. Turn off the power after use

You should switch off the electrical appliances after use to prevent your family and yourself from injuries. We often forget to plug out wires and turn off switches due to which we get victimized of its consequences.

Let me demonstrate you a simple situation:

You are using a mixer grinder and you forgot to turn the power off after use. There is a high chance of getting injured while cleaning it as you are unaware of it.

So, you must keep the habit of turning off electrical appliances after use.

4. Avoid overloading and trailing wires 

We often connect number of electrical appliances in a multiplug thus leading to high risk of electrical hazards due to overloading. Since those outlets are designed to deliver only limited amount of electricity, it may even lead to electrical short circuit or fire explosion.

If you have a lot of devices to plug at a time, use an energy saving power device that can help you to accommodate your needs safely.

5. Keep electrical equipment out of reach from small children

Children are unaware of electrical appliances and its hazards. Toddlers are most likely to poke their fingers inside power sockets. They may even put the wires and plugs into their mouth, nostrils, and ears and hurt themselves even causing severe injuries.

Thus, one should be very aware regarding their children. Some measures like covering the unused switch board with tape and safety caps can be adopted. Naked wires shouldn’t be kept haphazardly. Loose cords and wires should be tied up and kept away from reach of the children.

6. Avoid fixing electricals without expert supervisions

We often tend to fix broken appliances and wires without any proper knowledge and safety measures. But it is very insecure and risky to handle it on your own. Instead you can turn the power off till the concerned specialist arrives.

You should foremost report any electrical faults to your electrician or landlord (if any), so that they can authorize repairs with qualified specialist. 

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